Email Overload ?

Is incoming email sapping your time? Over the years I subscribed to hundreds of newsletters and blog feeds and until recently I created email rules to feed the updates into folders which filled up with masses of unread news and updates. Over the past few weeks I've been UN subscribing nearly all of them. After all, I know where all my favourite blogs and news channels are and I can search or navigate to them in an instant. I've saved my self at least half an hour per day, if not more, and I have far fewer distractions. Back in the Day There was a … [Read more...]

#PeerPerks brings the #RayBan #EnvisionSeries to life.

OK I admit it, I am a brand freak. When it comes to the way I dress and what I am seen in, it has to be branded. My love of brands began with Ray-Ban sunglasses. During a sales meeting in the Portuguese Algarve in the late 1980’s I saw a really cool guy wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoise Shell sun glasses and I just had to have a pair and I busted my monthly salary back then to get them. That was about 25 years ago and I still have them, they are one of my prize possessions. [social_share/] Since then I have had many pairs of Ray-Ban’s … [Read more...]

Website Buyers Beware

We don't know what we don't know.. At a recent conference I was asked to produce a video which explained: A: Why website buyers often purchase websites which are not fit for purpose and B: Explain to employers why website management training is essential for all staff involved in website procurement, website content creation, distribution and social media management. I hope that I have answered both questions in the short video below. If not feel free to comment or contact me directly. Mick Say. [social_share/] Mick Say talks about website … [Read more...]

You get what you pay for

eCommerce website buyers learn this lesson when it's too Late! The phrase "you get what you pay for" rings true with any product or service you can buy or barter, but I believe the phrase is most valuable regarding any product or service you may purchase for online business development such as websites, blogs and eCommerce platforms. We know this because most of our clients are people who have previously purchased cheap websites, blogs or eCommerce platforms which have not been fit-for-purpose, and eventually they come to us for advice, support and … [Read more...]

Ecommerce Website Design Company

Ecommerce website design and development can be a pleasure or a pain dependant on the expertise deployed during the planning and development stage of the project. Ecommerce website design is more complex than general website design, so unless you personally are an ecommerce development expert you will certainly need to discuss your aspirations and goals with an expert in this field. Getting it wrong at the concept and development stage will cost you dearly. As you are reading this page I assume you are serious about building a professional … [Read more...]

How to be a good guest blogger

We are all busy so there has to be something in it for the guest blogger or what’s the point? but - Before we discuss what the guest blogger gets out of this relationship, let’s first look at what makes a good guest blogger. It's a meaningful two-way street In my opinion the good guest blogger will write between 500 and 1000 words on a subject relevant to the host website. The article will be helpful, share expert knowledge and be fun or at least easy to read. It must have meaning. The guest blogger may include external links which support the … [Read more...]

SEO | Guest Bloggers, Are they Safe?

SEO WARNING: Do you get unsolicited requests from people you have never met asking if they can write guest posts for you? Be careful because they may have an ulterior motive which could get your website banished from the Google Index and search results. Black-Hat link marketing agencies are more prevalent than you think and are adept at disguising who they are and what their real intentions are! Some guest bloggers do more harm than good, either by design or by accident. Don't panic just yet! Most guest bloggers are known to you, are trusted … [Read more...]

SEO | Apply Common Sense When Passing PageRank

Your Website or Blog’s standing in Google search results is measured in part by an analysis of other website’s and blogs which link to your website or blog. The relevance, quality and quantity of these links influence’s your website ranking. Other Websites linking to your website hopefully do so in context to the subject matter of your website; if they do, then they are indicating the quality and relevance of your content and are advocating you for what you do. This is a great benefit when done naturally and freely. If you write way out of context … [Read more...]

Website Buying Guide

Whatever business you’re in, no matter how small the niche, you’ll have a lot of competition and to this end, particularly in the online world you need to be one step ahead of, and one micron smarter than your competitors if you are to beat them in the search engine return pages. Increasing numbers of buyers research people, products and services online before making their purchasing decisions, this is particularly true in the B2B services sector. Hopefully this website buying guide will help you to decide how to select your website vendor. The … [Read more...]

Small Business Powering the UK Economy

UK Small Business Growth. Very Interesting Statistics from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills make it an interesting time for Small Business Website Design Companies and all virtual service providers. The number of small businesses, in particular sole traders are up significantly demonstrating that the economy is having an impact on employment patterns which benefit small business service providers like the Web Business Builder. Official Stats demonstrate the number of private sector businesses in the UK grew to 4.8 million at the … [Read more...]