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Online Community is a place where people with the same interests or objectives can gather to discuss their interests, frustrations, hobbies or anything at all.

Email Overload ?

Is incoming email sapping your time? Over the years I subscribed to hundreds of newsletters and blog feeds and until recently I created email rules to feed the updates into folders which filled up with masses of unread news and updates. Over the past few weeks I've been UN subscribing nearly all of them. After all, I know where all my favourite blogs and news channels are and I can search or navigate to them in an instant. I've saved my self at least half an hour per day, if not more, and I have far fewer distractions. Back in the Day There was a … [Read more...]

Peace One Day. A Global Truce and Ceasefire in 2013

Kofi Annan "It's a great Idea, any moment whether a day or a week that we can give to the combatants to pause, to think and to reflect what they are doing to their own people and the environment will be a great achievement" Can you ignore a call to action from Kofi Annan ? I've donated £50 to "Peace One Day" I urge you to visit Bank to the Future and donate just £10 GBP for the 2013 Day of peace. Please view the Powerful, emotive 2012 Peace Video below, before registering your commitment to peace. Online Community Crowd-Funding for Peace … [Read more...]

Be Quick and Get your Own Name on

Microsoft have revamped Hotmail… Microsoft have made a very positive move and are upgrading and re-branding hotmail and it’s now I’ve just signed up and finally I have a free email address with my own name. If you are quick you can do the same. … [Read more...]

Ask Mick

Mick Say is an Online Business Development Consultant with many years Internet Marketing, Social Media and Internet Business Development experience. If you have a quick question, ask it below.. If you have a private question Contact Mick or .. Join Mick Say Twitter > Facebook > … [Read more...]

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