SEO | Guest Bloggers, Are they Safe?

SEO WARNING: Do you get unsolicited requests from people you have never met asking if they can write guest posts for you? Be careful because they may have an ulterior motive which could get your website banished from the Google Index and search results. Black-Hat link marketing agencies are more prevalent than you think and are adept at disguising who they are and what their real intentions are! Some guest bloggers do more harm than good, either by design or by accident. Don't panic just yet! Most guest bloggers are known to you, are trusted … [Read more...]

SEO | Apply Common Sense When Passing PageRank

Your Website or Blog’s standing in Google search results is measured in part by an analysis of other website’s and blogs which link to your website or blog. The relevance, quality and quantity of these links influence’s your website ranking. Other Websites linking to your website hopefully do so in context to the subject matter of your website; if they do, then they are indicating the quality and relevance of your content and are advocating you for what you do. This is a great benefit when done naturally and freely. If you write way out of context … [Read more...]

Why do we feel guilty when we have to say No!

This is a very common scenario for us: We receive many requests from potential clients asking for advice which they think is simple, quick and easy, when in reality the request requires the attention of an experienced developer and SEO practitioner to answer the question's posed. Here's an example. Hi Mick - We have a website but we don’t seem to get enough visitors, can you have a quick look at our website and advise us on SEO and other ways to get more visitors to our website? The question is honest and well-meaning but…. My answer has to be as … [Read more...]

Alexa Website Ranking

Alexa calculates traffic rankings by analyzing the internet usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users AND data collected from other, traffic data sources. The information collected is sorted and computed until Alexa get the traffic rankings shown in the Alexa service. The traffic rank is based on three months of historical traffic data and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). Reach measures the number of users a website has. Typically reach is expressed as the percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site. How Alexa … [Read more...]

The Pay Per Click Ads That You Don’t Have To Pay For!

Search Engine Marketing Does Not Start with PPC!! In recent years, the humble Meta Description has been through the SEO rumour mill more than all the other web page elements put together. From ‘does it or doesn’t it matter’ to keyword density myths and endless debate over character’s been battered, bruised and misrepresented in chat room, blog and podium. So, time to set the record straight and share a killer tactic or three... Rumour #1: Meta Descriptions don’t count Oh yes they do! OK, it’s true that Google doesn’t factor the … [Read more...]

Penguins are fearsome creatures if you do Black-Hat

Code Name Penguin: A Powerful Force for Good SEO! I'm a bit late with this report, but I was asked about about duplicate content on websites the other day so I thought I had better answer with a short update. Google Penguin, is the code name for an algorithm update, one of many in recent years that Google have made to improve the quality of content returned in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's). This is a really positive step, welcomed by the "White Hat Community" Thank Goodness for Google Penguin Penguin was developed by Google to … [Read more...]

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