#PeerPerks brings the #RayBan #EnvisionSeries to life.

OK I admit it, I am a brand freak. When it comes to the way I dress and what I am seen in, it has to be branded. My love of brands began with Ray-Ban sunglasses. During a sales meeting in the Portuguese Algarve in the late 1980’s I saw a really cool guy wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoise Shell sun glasses and I just had to have a pair and I busted my monthly salary back then to get them. That was about 25 years ago and I still have them, they are one of my prize possessions. [social_share/] Since then I have had many pairs of Ray-Ban’s … [Read more...]

Social Media Speakers

I have been into social media since it was born. Since before there was such a thing as Social Media Speakers; Contrary to popular belief social media as a concept really came to life when Twitter hit the scene making it really easy for the masses to create an online persona which was free and really easy to use. All of a sudden we could communicate around the globe in near real time, make friends and connect to people never before possible. OK, FaceBook was a bit earlier but back then it was not really used in the way it is today. Yes, the … [Read more...]

Bank to the Future. Finance For Entrepreneurs

The future of small business finance? Bank to the Future is an finance and investing enterprise for entrepreneurs devised by the creative thinking and action taking Simon Dixon. Utilising Bank to the Future Entrepreneurs can raise finance from a “crowd” of donors and investors in exchange for offering them rewards, equity and interest in their ventures. Bank to the Future offers individuals to buy into and manage a portfolio of investments in small businesses and entrepreneurs run by real people that offer you the opportunity for rewards, capital … [Read more...]

Klout | What’s Your Klout Style?

What is your Klout Style? Klout Score measures a persons influence based on their ability to drive action. Every time someone creates content or engages other people it influence others. The Klout Score uses data from many social networks in order to measure an individual persons online influence. Klout's algorythm classifies people into four categories which include 16 different influence types. Which influence type are you? Klout Style Definitions Klout Style's don't measure you as good or bad dependent on whether you are a celebrity (highest) … [Read more...]

Klout Style Guide | A Description of Klout Styles

Klout Style Guide What Klout Style are you? Do you care ? - You should, particularly if you work in marketing or a responsible for developing a brand, product or service online. Klout measures online influence, so if you are an "observer" or a "Broadcaster" you're not developing influence for your organisation. If you need to be seen to be influential about your subject, you need to improve your ranking, and that means understanding Social Media as an architecture for business marketing. [social_share/] Klout Style Guide at a Glance Creating - … [Read more...]

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