Technology and Software

In this instance Technology and Software refers to website design and development which is used with best practice techniques to market a business online with integrity, for the benefit of a website visitor.

Technology | More Spring Cleaning by Google

* Adsense for feeds * Classic Plus * Google Storage * Spreadsheet Gadgets * Google News Badges * Insights for Search * Places Directory * +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools Do you use any of these Google tools? If you do Google are either scrapping them as part of their spring cleaning or merging them with other services. This is all part of Google's commitment to simplifying their products and services. Please read the full details below: Posted by Yossi Matias, Senior Engineering Director at Google. Technology offers so many … [Read more...]

Amazing Visualisation Technology Created by Google

Google Pushing Technological Boundaries. My blogs are not politically motivated and I will rarely write about anything other than website design and online business development on this website. However I noticed this visualisation created by Google and was impressed not so much by the message as by the technology and the brilliance of the visualisation of the global arms trade. You have to hand it to Google, What they do well, they do brilliantly! Google visualisation of the Global Arms Trade The visualisation tool I am sharing with you was … [Read more...]

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