Website Buyers Beware

We don't know what we don't know.. At a recent conference I was asked to produce a video which explained: A: Why website buyers often purchase websites which are not fit for purpose and B: Explain to employers why website management training is essential for all staff involved in website procurement, website content creation, distribution and social media management. I hope that I have answered both questions in the short video below. If not feel free to comment or contact me directly. Mick Say. [social_share/] Mick Say talks about website … [Read more...]

Website Buying Guide

Whatever business you’re in, no matter how small the niche, you’ll have a lot of competition and to this end, particularly in the online world you need to be one step ahead of, and one micron smarter than your competitors if you are to beat them in the search engine return pages. Increasing numbers of buyers research people, products and services online before making their purchasing decisions, this is particularly true in the B2B services sector. Hopefully this website buying guide will help you to decide how to select your website vendor. The … [Read more...]

Small Business Powering the UK Economy

UK Small Business Growth. Very Interesting Statistics from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills make it an interesting time for Small Business Website Design Companies and all virtual service providers. The number of small businesses, in particular sole traders are up significantly demonstrating that the economy is having an impact on employment patterns which benefit small business service providers like the Web Business Builder. Official Stats demonstrate the number of private sector businesses in the UK grew to 4.8 million at the … [Read more...]

WordPress Comment Spam

Stop WordPress Comment Spam There is only one way to stop WordPress Comment Spam completely and that is to disallow visitors from commenting on your blog via WordPress the Settings > Discussion section of your wordpress admin panel. However that's not very practical because we want to encourage visitor comments and discussion on our websites and blogs. How to Administer WordPress Comment Spam I find WordPress Comment Spam amusing, I quite like reading them when I have time for a giggle. I'll explained why people place comment spam on WordPress … [Read more...]

Has Your Web Designer Fallen For The 7 Deadly Sins?

Choosing a web designer can be a minefield. Make the wrong choice and you’ll regret it for years to come – right up till the day that you tear your site down and start again! So it amazes me that so many websites get commissioned on trust. All too often, scrutiny ends with “You know how to get something up online, so yes, you’ve got the gig!” Reality check: there are some phenomenal web designers out there. But... It’s not an accredited industry, so anyone (literally anyone) can wake up tomorrow morning, decide they’re a web designer and hit … [Read more...]

Is your Website Designed for Search and Confirmation?

Website Design, Usability and Search Sometimes people get so excited about website design and how they will be perceived by website visitors that they forget the purpose of their website and who their website is for. Also, when non-experts attempt to build their own websites they start from a position of little or no website design, usability or search knowledge and they make and compound costly mistakes from the start. Website Design, Usability and Search Whilst your website has to look good and represent your business with passion and pride, it … [Read more...]

The world is a reducing retail onion

I wrote this article exactly 10 years ago. Evolution is a disturbing factor in our modern society; the faster technology grows, the faster technology grows! It is essential that we take notice of what is happening around us today and make moves now to safeguard our future. Tomorrow will be too late. The world is a reducing onion when it comes to retailing. Manufacturers sell to distributors, who sell to wholesalers, who sell to retailers who serve more discerning and educated consumers. Retailing will change dramatically over the next ten years … [Read more...]

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable course

Social Media Training Dear Mick - Social Media Intermediate Course. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable course on Friday 17th September last. I know I have a lot to learn about social media networking and your intermediate course was just the ticket. Your explanations were clear and concise and the ontents of the course were delivered with expertise and the appropriate amount of humor. Your patience to ensure that all was understood before we moved on was incredible and appreciated I am sure by all attendees. The course was money well … [Read more...]

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