Inspire visitors to sign-up to your program, classes or information.
In doing so, garner respect, authority, lot's of back-links and new sign-up's!

How to create a simple content based landing page that hosts high-quality, link-to-able, high-value multi-part tutorials.

The reason we want to do this is to prove that our experience, knowledge and expertise is worth following and ultimately worth paying for. Also because we are giving away valuable information on this page and pages we link to on our websites is to invite back-links, trust, respect and authority.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Hand Drawn BlueFirstly use a compelling image in the header which depicts your offer or story. Or skip the header for a cleaner page and put all the attention on the headline and subhead. Then insert a graphic for your tutorial at the top of the body content like we’ve done to the left.

Content (SEO) landing pages are an essential element of content marketing — and they’re easy to create. Your title focuses on your desired keyword phrase, but wrapped in a reader-friendly format — such as “Copywriting 101″ or “Landing Pages Turn Traffic Into Money.”

Start with a strong introduction

The content landing page then typically heads into a strong introduction that explains to the reader why your topic (and your take on that topic) are important. This is a perfect opportunity to use the language searchers are using in a very natural way, along with relevant synonyms.

The page then links to individual articles on your site that explore the topic in detail. If your topic is relatively simple, you could instead create a content landing page that was simply a solid, well-written article that answers your reader’s questions, attracts links, and ranks well in search engines.

Add links to your strongest content

Link to your best and strongest articles on this topic. Bulleted lists are a good way to present the links. Be sure each article you link to has a compelling headline that will entice the reader to click through. It’s also smart to include a short teaser description that gives the reader more reasons to click through. As you continue to add more and better content to your site, keep your content landing page updated. It should always be current, and always reflect your very best work.

Call to action

What do you want your reader to do next? Sign up for your email list? Go to a sales page? Subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed? Decide on one action you want the reader to take next, and make that action very clear with an explicit and obvious Call to Action. For more about how to create an effective call to action to get the results you’re looking for, see the Premise Copywriting tutorial on The Call to Action.

Optional testimonial

At this point, you may want to include a testimonial. It should support your call to action, either by highlighting a benefit or addressing an objection.

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Example Content Landing Page.
We don’t have a call to action on this page because its just an example of a content landing page. However, please feel free to sign up to our infrequent mailing list to see how the page resolves to a second website or landing page when the visitor clicks the call to action button.

Minimal Landing Page Design
I have chosen a very minimal, clean design for this landing page example, but yours can be as colourful as you like. We can insert images, text and video at any stage. Just bear in mind, the more complicated the design becomes the weaker your message will be.