Ecommerce Website Design in the UKWondering Where to begin with eCommerce?
As far as eCommerce development goes – Size matters!
Where to start is determined by where you need to end in the future.

IE: if you want to develop an international eCommerce store with thousands of products then you need a seriously sophisticated system. At the other end of the scale if you only need to sell your book and a few simple products on your own website then it’s a far easier task, but there’s still a lot to consider.

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eCommerce Sales Growing at a Rapid Rate

eCommerce sales are growing by the day in every area of retail, B2C and B2B. Everything that can be sold, is sold online, or the research to buy starts online. So if you have a product or service to sell then you need to be in the game. But… eCommerce is difficult and needs to be thought through and considered carefully.

eCommerce Website Development Considerations

Security and SSL, PCI Compliance, Merchant Services and Store Software are important considerations which non-experts always get wrong wrong when they attempt to do eCommerce on a shoe-string budget.

The markets you sell into, and the number and type of products or services you sell all create different scenarios which need different kinds of software and security. It can be minefield, be careful.

What do you intend to sell online? Physical Goods? Downloadable Goods? or both? Are your products or services very low or very high value? How big are your downloads? a few Bytes or a few Megabytes? The difference is important when considering software, server types and hosting packages.

How Big Does Your eCommerce Store Need to Be?

Micro, Small, Medium, Large or Mega? The type of eCommerce software you use will be determined by the number, volume and type of products you intend to sell. We’ll explain more on the relevant pages so please proceed to the following eCommerce pages to determine which might be best for you.

  1. Micro eCommerce Store Development
  2. Small eCommerce Store Development
  3. Online Sales and Marketing Platform
  4. Large eCommerce Store Development
eCommerce Website Design

As well as technical considerations you will need to think about the graphical design and usability of your eCommerce store. Many really big stores fail because their web stores are difficult to navigate and use, and many fail because the design simply looks UN professional and not trustworthy.

A professional eCommerce consultant will consider all of the above as well as graphic design which is led by usability, if you would like to discuss this further, you may consider booking a website consultation.

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