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Large eCommerce Website Design and DevelopmentWhat is an Online Marketing Platform ?
The website you are viewing was developed using State-of-the-Art technology and software to house our brand and products. We can develop a similar site for you using the same technology, security and search find-a-bility.

When you need to take your business to the next level in online sales, you have no alternative other than to work with a developer. eCommerce at this level is simply too complicated and technical to attempt it on your own.

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eCommerce Online Marketing Platform

Our eCommerce Online Marketing Platforms have been developed with you – our client – in mind.
From the bottom up we have engineered them with the latest technology and Search Engine Optimisation tools, most of which you will never see as it works in the background to build your brand, and your sales!

With an incredibly simple to learn user content management system, our eCommerce Online Marketing Platforms can be managed and maintained by the website owners team. No-more paying web developers to add products or amend content.

The eCommerce Online Marketing Platform mission brief is to be found during online search, build authority and trust for the brand, build a network of fans and followers and create the desire for website visitors to buy. Then generate repeat and loyal customers utilising permission based marketing.

eCommerce Online Marketing Platform (eOMP) Features

The eCommerce Online Marketing Platform is no ordinary website, nor is it an ordinary eCommerce platform. Its a new breed, a unique hybrid of website, blog, eCommerce platform and a social media engagement hub, engineered with the latest SEO capability.

Website Discoverability:
Teaming with technology, the eOMP has been developed to be found during online search. Inbound Marketing technology built in.
Super SEO Website Pages:
Each page has the technology to optimise it to perfection, you’ll need nurture it though as rankings do not come easily.
Website Content Management:
Using WordPress as the Base content management system enables website owners to easily input products and content.
Advanced eCommerce Store:
Most high-specification eCommerce platforms have complicated product entry back-ends. This one is a breeze to use and optimise.
State-of-the Art Blog:
A blog helps to build authority and trust, your customers will look forward to receiving your wisdom, but more importantly, the integrated blog is a very powerful inbound marketing tool.
Social Media Integration:
Effective social media is about driving visitors into your website, not out of it. So don’t expect to see Twitter or Facebook streams enticing visitors to follow links out of your site.

Your eOMP website will be optimised for all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Inbound Marketing Strategy, and we’ll teach you how to use it. We’ll also fit any social media tools relevant to you and your success.

Got a question about eCommerce? Call Mick Say direct – 07719 061 835

eCommerce Merchant Account, Security and Legal Requirements

Merchant Account: Unless a customer opts to pay via their PayPal account all transactions take place right on your website, we generally advise clients to set up a PayPal Professional account to achieve this as it’s the cheapest and one of the best small business merchant systems.

Security: In order to be PCI compliment your eCommerce store secure pages need to be covered by an encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Only the secure pages are SSL (https://) protected in order to keep the website running at optimum page load speed and efficiency.

Terms and Conditions: You are legally bound to provide easily accessible terms and conditions to your website visitors. These Terms and Conditions will differ determined by the type of products or services you sell and the type of consumer you sell to. Don’t worry, We can advise you on that.

Privacy Policy and EU Cookie Laws: Whether we like it or not, its the law so we have to comply, your eCommerce Online Marketing Platform will need to be fitted with cookie laws software and have an adequate privacy policy, again we can advise and provide these.

Sophisticated, Large eCommerce Websites

If you have multiple product categories and brands it may be necessarily to use a sophisticated eCommece software

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