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When you need to sell multiple products and present your store in a trusted, professional manner then, you really need to think about stepping up to one of the many professional eCommerce platforms.

Be careful though, making the right selection is difficult if you have little or no knowledge about what’s available and what’s right for your eCommerce store.
If you attempt eCommerce without thorough research, you will get it wrong!

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You may want to read “You get what you pay for” before making a purchasing decision

Low Budget Small eCommerce Store

OK, so you have a limited budget and you still need to get online and sell your products.
As you can imagine your choices are limited and I would advise that you wait until you can afford to employ the services of a professional eCommerce developer. But failing that you can do this..

First off, if your new eCommerce store looks crumby, no one will trust it and no one will buy from it.
So you really do need to employ a consultant or developer to help you make the right decisions. It’s not as expensive as you may think and in the long run this will save you money and increase sales.

WordPress and the WP PayPal Simple Shopping Cart

This is the next step up from using PayPal Buy Now buttons and it’s a step in the right direction.
It must be emphasised that if you use a free WordPress installation and if your WordPress Website is not designed well, by a professional, it is very unlikely that you will generate any sales and you’ll loose more than just time trying, you’ll loose your good reputation as well.

Assuming that you now have a professionally developed WordPress website you can now install a free plug-in called the “WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart” – It’s an entry level eCommerce solution, but it will enable you to sell online. The plugin developers website offers support and instructions how to use the plugin and you will be able to do this by yourself when you are working to that limited budget.

eCommerce Website Minimum Legal Requirements

When you sell online your are required to have adequate Terms and Conditions pages on your website visible to your customers and to PayPal. PayPal will eventually inspect your website and if they can’t find your Terms and conditions they will suspend your account.

You’ll also need to comply with EU Cookie Laws and Privacy Regulations. You can read about and buy all the necessary documents right here on the Web Business Builder.

Online Marketing Platform – Incorporating eCommerce

When you need to sell a high volume of high value products and or services you need to step up to a Professional, Online Marketing Platform.

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