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If you only have one or a few products then PayPal Buy Now buttons are the way to go. It’s really easy to set up PayPal Buy Now buttons on your website as you build your products inside your Paypal account and then PayPal give you the simple html/php code to insert on your web page. No coding required.

PayPal support new and small businesses with a basic merchant account without weeks worth of credit checks and possible rejection.

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If you have an old html brochure type website and no html and php skills then your options are limited to PayPal Buy Now Buttons. However: You can sell any kind of product with PayPal Buy Now Buttons.

Physical Goods: If you are selling a physical product, no problem. When a sale is made on your website, PayPal send the buyer a receipt for their payment and they send you a copy of the payment for your records which will include the buyers delivery address. You simply, Pick, Pack and Post.. Job done.

Downloadable Products: If you are selling your latest e-book on your website, then PayPal Buy Now buttons are great for this also. When you set up your button you will have the opportunity to redirect the buyer from PayPal to a private, Thank You page in your website where the buyer will be presented with a link to download your best seller.

Virtual Services: If you are a consultant, trainer or coach and you need to sell your service then PayPal Buy Now buttons can handle this too. As above you will create a private Thank you page in your website which PayPal will redirect buyers to. On this page you can give your next-step instructions.

eCommerce Terms & Conditions. Privacy Policy and EU Cookie Law

When you sell online your are required to have adequate Terms and Conditions pages on your website visible to your customers and to PayPal. PayPal will eventually inspect your website and if they can’t find your Terms and conditions they will suspend your account.

You’ll also need to comply with EU Cookie Laws and Privacy Regulations. You can read about and buy all the necessary documents right here on the Web Business Builder.

Small eCommerce Store

If you have more than a handful of products then you will need to step up to a more efficient, medium sized eCommerce store setup.

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