Large eCommerce Store

Large eCommerce Website

If you need a large eCommerce store with multiple brands and or categories then we may need to create your eCommerce store with one of the market-leading eCommerce platforms. Before this choice is made we need to meet and discuss the options. It’s easy for the non expert to make costly miss-judgements.

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You may want to read “You get what you pay for” before making a purchasing decision

Volusion eCommerce WebsiteVolusion eCommerce Store
Volusion is powerful eCommerce software that’s relativity easy to use but complicated product structures and SEO are difficult fathom.
Magento eCommerce StoreMagento eCommerce Store
Magento professional is the leading large eCommerce store platform, whilst being incredibly complicated there is very little it cannot achieve

Are Big eCommerce Websites a Big Headache?

There are thousands of variations on eCommerce store software: Products, Categories, Bundles, Brands, Size, Colour, it’s an endless list. If you choose the wrong eCommerce store software, its going to create a big headache for you. If you need to build a large eCommerce store then you are going to need two things:

1. Budget: > You’ll need a serious budget, large eCommerce stores start at around £5,000.00 right up to £70,000.00 dependent on many factors. If you choose unwisely it’s going to cost you!

2. Expert Advice: In order to get eCommerce right first time then you need to meet with an eCommerce expert and work through your immediate and future needs. An expert eCommerce consultation takes around 4 hours and costs £450.00 but this will for sure save you much wasted time, money and frustration. If you skip this step you will almost certainly make the wrong choice.

eCommerce Website – Store Consultation

In order to prepare for success we always carry out a prepay, non-refundable eCommerce website face-to-face consultation. The outcome of the eCommerce Store consultation is intended to ensure that you – we select the optimum store software and configurations.

We input years of experience into the consultation to ensure that you invest in the correct eCommerce store for your current and future needs. This will save you time, money and frustration during the project.

During the consultation you will learn a great deal about eCommerce options. In order to ensure your success we’ll need to share some of our unique intellectual property (IP) which will allow you to progress to eCommerce success regardless of whether you select us as your eCommerce Store developers.

eCommerce Website Management and Online Marketing Training

With an eCommerce website this large you and or your staff will need to be trained how to use the back-end administration system and possibly how to market your eCommerce store online. You can read more about our Website Management and Online Marketing Training here.

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