You get what you pay for

You Get What you Pay For

You Get What you Pay For

eCommerce website buyers learn this lesson when it’s too Late!
The phrase “you get what you pay for” rings true with any product or service you can buy or barter, but I believe the phrase is most valuable regarding any product or service you may purchase for online business development such as websites, blogs and eCommerce platforms.

We know this because most of our clients are people who have previously purchased cheap websites, blogs or eCommerce platforms which have not been fit-for-purpose, and eventually they come to us for advice, support and to build new meaningful resources for them.

Does Low-Cost equal Low-Value ?

The problem is that we all have a different perception of what’s “cheap” and what’s “expensive” and of course there is no definitive answer to the question particularly when the person pondering the question has no experience or knowledge of the complexity of the product they are considering to purchase.

Each time we do not win business we quoted for I think of this very apt quote by the late John Ruskin.

“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey.”
John Ruskin – Born in London 1819, Died in Lancashire 1900

As an example of cost, we recently quoted £3,200.00 to build an eCommerce platform similar to the one explained on our Sales and Marketing Platform page and we did not win the business. I was informed by the prospect he awarded the job to another “company” who quoted £300.00 for the work, That’s a whopping £2,900.00 cheaper than our quote!

So does “low-cost” equal “low-value” in this instance? Yes. Let me explain why in bullet points.

This is what the prospect received for his £300.00:

  • Very dark and unflattering website design theme
  • PayPal only payment option in the shopping cart
  • Poorly appointed layout and navigation
  • Grey and orange text on a black background
  • Inappropriate images ripped from the web
  • Inappropriate use of bold and upper case in “h” meta
  • Inappropriate, spammy keyword density
  • Spelling errors in page titles
  • HTML code escaping into visible content
  • ZERO – page meta descriptions
  • ZERO – page meta title
  • ZERO – image meta data
  • ZERO – Terms and Conditions
  • ZERO – Privacy Policy
  • ZERO – Returns Policy
  • ZERO – EU Cookie Policy Compliance
  • ZERO – Internal page/post linking
  • ZERO – Social media integration
  • ZERO – XML or HTML site maps
  • ZERO – Google analytics or webmaster tools integration

The above is NOT an exhaustive list of errors and important missing objects/resources from the website and I could write an equally long list of SEO copywriting faux pas but you get the message.

It’s NOT the clients fault

The problem is that the client didn’t do enough research before arriving at his decision and he had very little knowledge of the technical and SEO requirements of eCommerce platforms with integrated blogs and web pages, so made his decision on price alone and he has fallen prey to John Ruskin’s famous quotation.

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  1. Happy Easter to you and your family !!!

  2. We say in Spanish, “Buy cheap, buy twice”

  3. Great advise with clear concise content Thanks kind ly Mr Mick

  4. Hi Mick,

    I totally agree with you.
    Once litte hint for you to improve: You might want to write your telephone number the international way,
    with for instance +41….
    Then you make it easier for a prospect to call you from another country 😉

    • Thank you for your suggestion, however we are a UK Marketing Agency and we only support UK Businesses. Thanks – Mick

  5. Happy Easter, Mick! Interest blog post I’m happy to share! ; )


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