Image of Mick Say, Social Media SpeakerMick Say on Video Landing Pages.
Statistics prove that video helps to convert more sales, particularly if the product or service is new, unique or complicated. Keep videos as short as possible whilst nailing the message.

The old adage “People buy from People” is even more important in our increasingly competitive digital world and we need every advantage we can get over our competitors. A well made video with real people who can be reached on the phone is a very persuasive message.

Landing Page vs. Web Page or Blog Post

Whilst web pages and blog posts are very important for general messages and for creating websites and pages that can be found during search, they are full of distractions and allow the visitor to drift of page and off your message.

Conversely, landing pages focus the visitors attention on a single message and they allow absolutely no distraction.

Note that this landing page has no navigation and no side-bar or footer. The visitor is focused on a single message!

A Strong Call to Action

A landing page will normally end with a strong call to action which, if we have done our job well, will entice the visitor to impulse “Buy Now” or take whatever your next step may be. Price ending soon and scarcity are two optimal pulls as people don’t want to miss out on a good thing. Be honest and have integrity because the last thing you want is for your new customer to experience buyers remorse.

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Example Video Landing Page.
We don’t have a call to action on this page because its just an example of a video landing page. However, please feel free to sign up to our infrequent mailing list to see how the page resolves to a second website or landing page when the visitor clicks the call to action button.

Minimal Landing Page Design
I have chosen a very minimal, clean design for this landing page example, but yours can be as colourful as you like. We can insert images, text and video at any stage. Just bear in mind, the more complicated the design becomes the weaker your message will be.