Email Overload ?

Web Business Builder Newsletter Sign UPIs incoming email sapping your time?
Over the years I subscribed to hundreds of newsletters and blog feeds and until recently I created email rules to feed the updates into folders which filled up with masses of unread news and updates.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been UN subscribing nearly all of them. After all, I know where all my favourite blogs and news channels are and I can search or navigate to them in an instant. I’ve saved my self at least half an hour per day, if not more, and I have far fewer distractions.

Back in the Day

There was a time, not so long ago when it was cool to sign up to your favourite blog but today every man, woman and me has a blog and whilst many of them are good and worthy of our attention, do we want them appearing in our inbox?

OK, that was me having a rant about a situation I created myself over a period of years but I wonder how many people, like me have suffered this self afflicted distraction?

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