Peace One Day. A Global Truce and Ceasefire in 2013

Image of Kofi Annan talking about Peace one DayKofi Annan
“It’s a great Idea, any moment whether a day or a week that we can give to the combatants to pause, to think and to reflect what they are doing to their own people and the environment will be a great achievement”

Can you ignore a call to action from Kofi Annan ?
I’ve donated £50 to “Peace One Day” I urge you to visit Bank to the Future and donate just £10 GBP for the 2013 Day of peace.

Please view the Powerful, emotive 2012 Peace Video below, before registering your commitment to peace.

Online Community Crowd-Funding for Peace one Day

Bank to the Future is supporting the campaign for Peace one Day by providing a crowd funding resource for the online community to collectively raise £100.000 GBP for the day of peace in 2013.
PLEASE: Visit Bank to the Future and invest what you can in Peace One Day.

It seems strange to many of us that countries particularly in the third world cannot live in peace with each other. It is often unbelievable when we view news reports about war and indiscriminate killing in far-off places. I feel helpless and so far withdrawn from the violence that I think “What can I do about it” was my donation of £50.00 to the Paece One Day organisation beneficial? Will it really help ? –

I am not sure of the answers but I believe that my donation to Peace One Day and thousands of similar donations will help fund the effort that the committed and qualified individuals from the Peace One Day organisation make. I wish them luck and hope that they stay safe on their journey to creating Peace one Day for us all.
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