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Telemarketing Services for Business
Mainstream Marketing UK Ltd– building Relationships, Loyalty & Trust on your behalf..

Reliable, accurate and current intelligence about your prospects behaviour, attitudes and preferences.

Mainstream Marketing UK Ltd specialise in B2B telephone Lead Generation Services which form our core offering. Established in 1998, we have consistently provided our clients with an attractive Return on Investment by focusing upon delivery of high quality Sales Leads using our effective Telemarketing Lead Generation Services.

Time Served, Experienced Telemarketers

Our Telemarketers are experienced specialists who have been trained over a considerable period of time and understand the importance of their role in the sales process. They generate sales leads using unscripted, conversational style as this proves the most effective approach when contacting the all-important decision makers.

Your campaign is actively managed by reviewing performance regularly and by feeding back ideas, suggestions and recommendations to continuously improve your business to business Lead Generation results. We combine our expertise, well-tested approaches and techniques to deliver tangible results.

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