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A New Website Consultation will ensure that we understand your online business goals in order help, advise and then build a website which really meets your needs.

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Product Description

Image of Website ConsultationA pre-build website consultation will unquestionably improve ranking.
Most new websites fail to deliver meaningful website visitor traffic and sales because the person who purchased the website is not an Internet Marketing or Online Business Development Expert.

The New Website buyer generally has no concept of what constitutes a good website and most website design companies only want to sell cheap and profitable websites. It’s a recipe for failure from the start.

If you’re a website owner who does not generate enough traffic or sales from your website, you may be thinking you wished you’d consulted with an expert in the beginning. And if you are prospect looking to purchase a website for the first time you will probably NOT want to pay for a website consultation!

The truth all failed website owners come to understand is an expert consultation, BEFORE their website was developed would have saved many thousands of pounds in wasted time, money and lost sales.

Why we charge £450.00 + VAT for a Website Consultation

During our website consultations we thoroughly investigate your online business objectives, wants and needs. We explore everything with you from hosting, domain names content strategy, SEO, navigation, the structure, features and functions of your website as well as a host of other essential points.

Nineteen Years of knowledge and experience

The consultation takes about four hours in which you will learn a great deal about the internet and how it works in relation to your website and it’s success at generating business for you. We put 19 years of knowledge and experience into this meeting which inevitably saves a great deal of wasted time and money by setting you off on the right track.

The meeting will also enable you to generate meaningful traffic and sales a great deal faster.
Following this consultation you will understand what constitutes a good website and why as far as the internet is concerned, you really do get what you pay for.


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