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Bank to the FutureThe future of small business finance?
Bank to the Future is an finance and investing enterprise for entrepreneurs devised by the creative thinking and action taking Simon Dixon. Utilising Bank to the Future Entrepreneurs can raise finance from a “crowd” of donors and investors in exchange for offering them rewards, equity and interest in their ventures.

Bank to the Future offers individuals to buy into and manage a portfolio of investments in small businesses and entrepreneurs run by real people that offer you the opportunity for rewards, capital growth and importantly a monthly income.

Unique Finance and Investing Opportunity

I view Bank to the Future as a similar enterprise to Empire Avenue which is a virtual world where people can invest in people using a virtual currency called eaves. Bank to the Future offers the same opportunity to investors in the real world where we can invest a small amount of real currency in real people and enterprises with a view to profiting from our efforts.

Network with Entrepreneurs and Investors

Bank to the Future offers individuals like you and me the opportunity to network with the entrepreneurs and investors who are involved in real enterprises, these people, the entrepreneurs whom are making pitches for your investments are the movers and shakers of our digital and social world in as much as they recognise that they can finance their business using small amounts of capital from a large crowd of people.

Is this the future of banking and raising finance for start-up businesses and small enterprises? For sure Simon Dixon and Bank to the Future has already gained the interest of the major banks that, I am sure will be watching Bank to the Future very closely. Sir Richard Branson has already mentioned Bank to the Future in a very positive manner and has wished Simon and Bank to the Future well.

Highly Recommended Social-Business Networking Platform

Even if you have no intention right now of investing any money in the businesses and entrepreneurs who are pitching in Bank to the Future I recommend you join Bank to the Future and network with the individuals on the platform.

Bank to the Future members are all serious about business and we can all learn from each other and encourage the entrepreneurs who are going to help our economy grow.

Big respect to Simon Dixon for this exciting venture – Follow this link to sign up to Bank to the Future and join in and encourage the business or better still invest a little in their success.


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  1. Please see the Bank to the Future Pitch for Peace One Day.

    A very worthy cause which I hope you can support or share with your social media community.

    Thanks – Mick


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