#PeerPerks brings the #RayBan #EnvisionSeries to life.

Ray Ban SunglassesOK I admit it, I am a brand freak. When it comes to the way I dress and what I am seen in, it has to be branded. My love of brands began with Ray-Ban sunglasses.

During a sales meeting in the Portuguese Algarve in the late 1980’s I saw a really cool guy wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoise Shell sun glasses and I just had to have a pair and I busted my monthly salary back then to get them.

That was about 25 years ago and I still have them, they are one of my prize possessions.
Since then I have had many pairs of Ray-Ban’s which I have worn-out, broken or lost and my latest pair, purchased on holiday Australia last year fool me into believing I am still a cool dude…

What’s all this Ray-Ban Stuff go to do with Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing and social media management is a great deal of hard work and thanks to Peer Index and their Peer Perks programme hard working people like me and you are sometimes rewarded with a promotional gift from brands like Ray-Ban in return for a little enjoyable brand marketing.

Peer Perks are not given to everyone, just those people who put a lot of hard work into social media and high quality digital marketing which earns them high authority. So I for one are very grateful to receive a few nice perks from brands like Ray-Ban in return for the work I put in for myself and my clients.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I’m not really a creative guy, strategy is my thing, but I know that a lot of my friends are very creative and I would like to bring the Ray-Ban #EnvisionSeries to their attention because there could be a great prize and experience in it for them.

Ray-Ban said:

We’ve set out to find a number of individuals who have found their purpose in life – and that’s staying true to their vision. The Envision Series depicts these individuals. Watch, get inspired, then it’s your turn to show the world who you are.

Tell us what you always wanted to do and together we might bring it to life.
Submit your Vision Here:

My Ray-Ban Peer perk received today.

Really cool Ray-Ban beach towel and a set of Ray-Ban playing cards. (Sun glasses not included)
Ray Ban Peer Perk

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