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Image of Mick Say, Social Media SpeakerI have been into social media since it was born. Since before there was such a thing as Social Media Speakers; Contrary to popular belief social media as a concept really came to life when Twitter hit the scene making it really easy for the masses to create an online persona which was free and really easy to use.

All of a sudden we could communicate around the globe in near real time, make friends and connect to people never before possible. OK, FaceBook was a bit earlier but back then it was not really used in the way it is today.

Yes, the purists will tell you there were Social Media platforms pre Facebook but the concept back then was not the phenomena it is today, so it’s not really on my radar, nor should it be on yours.

As more and more social platforms emerged the Internet marketing community grabbed it as a business opportunity and began to manipulate social media as a marketing tool and today most of the hype around social media is generated by the people and business who sell social media software, tools, books, management services and of course Social Media Speakers.

So a word of caution, you’ve heard it before; all that glistens is not gold!

The Role of the Social Media Speaker

There are many Social Media Speakers on the circuit, too many to list in this small post, so if you want to research “Social Media Speakers” simply Google Social Media Speakers and you’ll receive a long list.

Back to the role Social Media Speakers should play: I believe that the following phrase sums up what the Social Media Speaker should try to achieve when addressing an audience.

If you are forever chasing business today, it is possibly because your network is not big enough” > > Ergo, Build, nurture and engage with a large, meaningful network.

A game of four quarters

When used wisely with integrity and technical knowledge social media is a very powerful marketing medium and it can and does win a great deal of new business for its architects, but social media must start with expert use of technology and an investment in the four quarters below.

  1. A Modern, Capable Website with Integrated Blog
  2. Social Media Platforms and Tools
  3. Content Creation Including written content and digital media
  4. Expertly Trained Social Media Managers

Social Media will only work for you and your business if it forms part of an integrated marketing strategy. Social media as a stand-alone operation is doomed to failure and this is why so many businesses fail when they hire a “Social Media” person and put them in the corner of the office to do their thing.

Social Media is about people, engaging with an audience without selling. Treating people the same way as you wish to be treated is important and non of us like spam or pushy sales people so we learn from that message.

Whilst people are the beating heart of social media, a technical web architecture is/are the veins which carry the blood to the beating heart.

So the Social Media Speakers role is to educate the audience how an integrated digital marketing plan works which INCLUDES Social Media, drawing particular attention to the relationship between:

  • How the internet works,
  • How a modern business website works,
  • How blogging and content creation is critical to social media,
  • How a spider crawls the world wide web
  • Why SEO Copywriting is important (and therefore SEO training)
  • Which platforms and external resources are important
  • How to engage and market without selling or spamming

The four quarters and seven bullets above may seem obvious, but there must be a synergy and a congruence between all points and it’s difficult for the non-expert to piece all that together without a clear vision of how it works and then follow up with the technology and training needed to bring it all together for profitable business benefit.

Engage Mick Say, Social Media Speaker?

If you would like Mick Say to speak about Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy at your conference or event, or if you would like to commission Mick to carry out Social Media and Digital Marketing Training team please contact us. Our fees differ dependant on the type of event and the size of the audience.


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Mick Say is an Online Business Development Consultant. Mick's goal is to help UK businesses to develop meaningful online marketing strategies via the development websites and digital marketing resources engineered to inform and sell.


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