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Social PresenceIf you need to be found online to compete and sell your products and services then Social Presence Management is an important, if not crucial first step.

When you achieve a high-level of social presence, you and your brand seems to be everywhere when a search is made for your name or company name.

To achieve this level of Social Presence you need to build a Architecture which will carry your personal and business profile whilst creating a vehicle for distributing your content over a wide and deep social network.
There are thousands of social networks, it’s impossible to join them all, in fact most of them are a waste of time in as much as they offer little or no return on the investment in the time you spend on them.

Selecting and correctly configuring the right networks is crucial. We have selected the 100 best social networks and communities to create the optimum Social Presence Architecture.

To qualify for inclusion as a meaningful social network the network has to offer 3 things:
1. A back-link to your website via the profile or content you add whilst engaging with the community.
2. A profile with a picture of you, which can add to your personal authority and help build trust.
3. An opportunity to engage with the community who will help to distribute your content.

Attaining a high-level of Social Presence includes 3 stages:
1. Selecting, Joining and configuring 100 Social Networks.
2. Writing expert content on your core subject and sharing this with the networks.
3. Engaging meaningfully with people about your content AND THEIRS.

Make no mistake, if you build social presence architecture and then only broadcast your sales messages without listening, responding and engaging, your effort will be for nothing and it will damage your brand.

Social Presence Services

With the above in mind the Web Business Builder provides three Social Presence modules:
1. Social Presence Architecture Set Up Instructions. (DIY)
2. Social Presence Architecture Set Up by one of our experts.
3. Social Presence Engagement services.

Read below for more details about our Social Presence Modules.

Social Presence Architecture Set Up DIY

On average it takes around 30 minutes to join and configure each social network. There are 100 networks in the social Presence Architecture plan. This equates to 50 hours working time by an expert social media manager.

If you have 50 hours to spare we recommend the Social Architecture DIY Kit which contains all of the instructions you need to complete the setup of your Social Presence Architecture and how to use it to build your social presence.

NOTE 1: If you are not a social media expert it could take you up to 150 hours to set up your Social Presence Architecture because you are following instructions for configuration for each platform and no two are alike.

NOTE 2. Although it takes 50 hours (minimum) to set up the social presence architecture, you should spread this job over 4 to 6 weeks otherwise you will (talking from experience) burn out and come to loath social media before the fun, meaningful engagement part starts.

Social Media Architecture Set Up

On average it takes around 30 minutes to join and configure each social network. There are 100 networks in the social Presence Architecture plan. This equates to 50 hours working time by an expert social media manager.

We’ll take the strain of setting up and configuring your 100 social media networks and then we’ll give you instructions on how to use it for maximum social authority.

NOTE: It takes us between 4 and 6 weeks to complete this process.

Social Presence Management

Social Presence Management is the process of engaging with your network in THREE crucial ways:
1. Notification Management.
You can imagine that when you are a member of 100 social networks your inbox will be flooded with email notifications to such an extent that you will be driven to distraction (we show you how to avoid and cope with this). You can’t ignore these notifications they are an essential part of engaging with your wider network.

2. Content Distribution
In this module we show you how to distribute your content across your Social Architecture allowing your content to be more easily found during online search and to encourage people in your network to engage with you and share your content.

3. Social Engagement
You simply cannot just broadcast your own sales messages and expect to build online Trust, Respect and Authority. You have to go out into your new networks and engage with people on their turf if you expect them to do the same for you.

Social engagement is a two way street, it’s like having a conversation in the pub where a group of friends discuss an interesting topic and then go to work the next day and continue the conversation with their work colleagues, who go home and discuss the topic with their family who discuss the topic with their friends. Get the picture?

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