Klout Style

Klout Style measure online and social media influence and classifies them into different groups of influencer type. A person at the beginning of their social media journey will start as an Observer and work their way up to become a celebrity as their influence grows.

Klout | What’s Your Klout Style?

What is your Klout Style? Klout Score measures a persons influence based on their ability to drive action. Every time someone creates content or engages other people it influence others. The Klout Score uses data from many social networks in order to measure an individual persons online influence. Klout's algorythm classifies people into four categories which include 16 different influence types. Which influence type are you? Klout Style Definitions Klout Style's don't measure you as good or bad dependent on whether you are a celebrity (highest) … [Read more...]

Klout Style Guide | A Description of Klout Styles

Klout Style Guide What Klout Style are you? Do you care ? - You should, particularly if you work in marketing or a responsible for developing a brand, product or service online. Klout measures online influence, so if you are an "observer" or a "Broadcaster" you're not developing influence for your organisation. If you need to be seen to be influential about your subject, you need to improve your ranking, and that means understanding Social Media as an architecture for business marketing. [social_share/] Klout Style Guide at a Glance Creating - … [Read more...]

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