Online Business Development Solutions

Online Business and Website Development Solutions I've had the privilege of my first 2 boardroom events with Mick in the chair and by the end of the first I knew, that this was the standard upheld by the community, that I'm in. From those 2 events and a 1-to-1 meeting with Mick, I can confidently say I would trust him implicitly to be able to deliver the most complete online business and website solutions, from anybody that I know. His pragmatic, down-to-earth style and thorough attention to detail, coupled with his extensive business background … [Read more...]

Mick provided online business development advice …

Online Business Develoment Mick recently provided really excellent advice on the subject of online business development & long-term web strategy planning. This is a growing and really significant area that anyone with a business proposition needing to draw a crowd should get acquainted with. Don't be put off by Mick's location in Kent. It's well worth the pilgrimage to strategise and discuss plans. I look forward to getting to know what Mick can do to help me along my journey better in the coming months and years. Richard J Francis Boardroom … [Read more...]

Mick is the personification of a Corporate Digital Coach

Mick is the personification of a “Corporate Digital Coach” in that he both understand business in depth especially sales and marketing, but also understands digital and social at a high level and at a deep level. His is therefore able to not only talk the talk but walk the walk and make you as the client do the same through coaching and encouragement. He was able to transfer and transform one website (from old agency CMS bound Website to Web 2.0 client managed and Social media enabled website) for a smaller business I was involved with in under a … [Read more...]

Mick Say Imparts his Considerable Knowledge

One of the many things that impressed me about Mick is that he imparts his considerable knowledge in a way that even a duffer like me can understand. Thanks to Mick's step by step instructions I was able to post my new You Tube film, link it to my profile page and embed it onto my website home page. This has produced a tripling of website hits. Mike Shorer Historic Jewelry Productions … [Read more...]

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