Online Marketing

Online Marketing is a method of Marketing which involves the use of internet technology, websites, blogs and social media to draw internet users attention to a businesses marketing message.

Peace One Day. A Global Truce and Ceasefire in 2013

Kofi Annan "It's a great Idea, any moment whether a day or a week that we can give to the combatants to pause, to think and to reflect what they are doing to their own people and the environment will be a great achievement" Can you ignore a call to action from Kofi Annan ? I've donated £50 to "Peace One Day" I urge you to visit Bank to the Future and donate just £10 GBP for the 2013 Day of peace. Please view the Powerful, emotive 2012 Peace Video below, before registering your commitment to peace. Online Community Crowd-Funding for Peace … [Read more...]

The online marketing genius that is Mick Say!

Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation. The best way to sum up Mick Say and The Web Business Builder is “The online marketing genius” This is no overstatement, Mick has so much knowledge on Google search term optimisation you will think he wrote the software himself! I own a small but rapidly growing roofing company in Kent. I previously had a website with little more than two pages bringing very little work in. Since Mick has created my visually pleasing and informative website my phone has not stopped ringing. The jobs that come … [Read more...]

Mick is an expert in his field exuding confidence & …

Digital Marketing Strategy I have had the pleasure of knowing Mick Say for about two years and have used a number of his services and I cannot recommend highly enough. He is a real expert in his field and he exudes confidence and knowledge - this is both very deep and is explained in a very clear way. Mick is also very passionate and cares deeply about his customers and is very giving in nature. Bottom line I would recommend Mick to any business considering taking on his services and it is a pleasure to know him and work with him. Rupert … [Read more...]

Mick Say, the Digital Marketing go-to person

Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy Mick spoke on this popular topic at a ROSEE meeting and was enthusiastically received. He was knowledgeable, practical and generous with his advice. Everyone present wanted more,and when I suggested arranging a seminar on the subject, people were ready to sign up for it right away! He is the 'go-to person' for guidance on making the most of your social media activity, and I recommend him without reservation. Philip Khan-Panni PKP Communicators … [Read more...]

Mick is the personification of a Corporate Digital Coach

Mick is the personification of a “Corporate Digital Coach” in that he both understand business in depth especially sales and marketing, but also understands digital and social at a high level and at a deep level. His is therefore able to not only talk the talk but walk the walk and make you as the client do the same through coaching and encouragement. He was able to transfer and transform one website (from old agency CMS bound Website to Web 2.0 client managed and Social media enabled website) for a smaller business I was involved with in under a … [Read more...]

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