Website Buying Guide

Whatever business you’re in, no matter how small the niche, you’ll have a lot of competition and to this end, particularly in the online world you need to be one step ahead of, and one micron smarter than your competitors if you are to beat them in the search engine return pages. Increasing numbers of buyers research people, products and services online before making their purchasing decisions, this is particularly true in the B2B services sector. Hopefully this website buying guide will help you to decide how to select your website vendor. The … [Read more...]

Small Business Powering the UK Economy

UK Small Business Growth. Very Interesting Statistics from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills make it an interesting time for Small Business Website Design Companies and all virtual service providers. The number of small businesses, in particular sole traders are up significantly demonstrating that the economy is having an impact on employment patterns which benefit small business service providers like the Web Business Builder. Official Stats demonstrate the number of private sector businesses in the UK grew to 4.8 million at the … [Read more...]

UK entrepreneur thinking about working from home?

Will UK Home Workers boost the UK economy The UK and global economy is forcing change in the way we work. There is a groundswell of new small businesses and the UK government has openly stated that they are relying on new small business and entrepreneurs to boost the British economy in the difficult years ahead. Are you a UK entrepreneur thinking working from home or renting an office? Thin carefully before renting office space. Working from Home by Choice or Necessity? There are many reasons why we choose to work from home ranging from, we can’t … [Read more...]

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