Social Media Speakers

I have been into social media since it was born. Since before there was such a thing as Social Media Speakers; Contrary to popular belief social media as a concept really came to life when Twitter hit the scene making it really easy for the masses to create an online persona which was free and really easy to use. All of a sudden we could communicate around the globe in near real time, make friends and connect to people never before possible. OK, FaceBook was a bit earlier but back then it was not really used in the way it is today. Yes, the … [Read more...]

Mick Say’s social media intermediate is a brilliant…

Social Media Training A huge thank you to Mick! “Mick Say’s social media intermediate is a brilliant course for any business looking to increase their online presence and connect with other businesses in a way which would not have been possible a few years ago. Mick’s passion for social media is unparalleled and his enthusiasm is infections. After spending the day setting up profiles on the main social network sites and learning which third party tools are the most effective (and free!) I went home and carried on until well past my bed time and … [Read more...]

A committed Social Media Strategist and Digital Coach

Social Media Strategy and Digital Coach mick is a committed Social Media developer and Digital Coach. A great guy, incredibly hard working in his 'shed' and loves to keep up with the latest trends and applications. A true 'business development' man, who see's the social side of Social Media as well as the potential for increasing business. Thank you Mick for all your hard work for me and others. Penny Power Digital Youth Academy and, Founder of … [Read more...]

So far as Social Media Strategy is concerned …

Social Media Strategy I have the privilege of counting Mick as a friend and as far as Social Media Strategy is concerned it's very simple... he's simply the best! David Simpson Mainstream Marketing … [Read more...]

Mick Say, the Digital Marketing go-to person

Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy Mick spoke on this popular topic at a ROSEE meeting and was enthusiastically received. He was knowledgeable, practical and generous with his advice. Everyone present wanted more,and when I suggested arranging a seminar on the subject, people were ready to sign up for it right away! He is the 'go-to person' for guidance on making the most of your social media activity, and I recommend him without reservation. Philip Khan-Panni PKP Communicators … [Read more...]

Mick Exceeded our Expectations with his Knowledge

Thanks Mick! Can I say a huge thank you for three thoroughly enjoyable & informative days! I know that the training has been very well received by all who attended. I think you exceeded our expectations with your knowledge and enthusiasm, and I am keen to develop a ‘Digital Marketing Team’ to take to take our newly acquired Social Media skills forward locally and nationally. Rebecca Hampson DipCAM (MComms) Media and Marketing Manager Road Safety Support … [Read more...]

10 hours on a twitter advanced course with Mick Say

Just spent 10 hours on a twitter advanced course with Mick and loved it. You just don't know what you don't know until someone points it out. Thank you Mick for a wonderful day in Herne Bay with sea bass overlooking the sea for lunch. Perfect. Mick Say is exceptional. He is solid, reliable and trustworthy. Mick is a long term player. He doesn't rush he absorbs. On the internet he knows his onions Mick knows what works and what does not work. I work with Mick a great deal and recommend him to you. He is also charming and funny Thomas Power Ecademy … [Read more...]

Attendees felt it was individually tailored for them

Social Media Training I attended an Intermediate Social Media Course that Mick had organised for beginners in Social Media on September 17th 2010. This course was very informative and Mick made all those attending feel as if it was individually tailored for them. No one was left behind and where necessary Mick gave individual tuition. By the end of the day all of us were informed and reassured that Social Media was a safe tool to be used by anyone for growing their business for the future. We were all armed with the basic tools to start exploring … [Read more...]

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable course

Social Media Training Dear Mick - Social Media Intermediate Course. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable course on Friday 17th September last. I know I have a lot to learn about social media networking and your intermediate course was just the ticket. Your explanations were clear and concise and the ontents of the course were delivered with expertise and the appropriate amount of humor. Your patience to ensure that all was understood before we moved on was incredible and appreciated I am sure by all attendees. The course was money well … [Read more...]

Helping me make the transition into the modern world …

Social Media Taining Dear Mick SOCIAL MEDIA INTERMEDIATE COURSE I would just like to thank you for helping me make the transition into the modern world of Twitter, Ecademy and FaceBook! These were just words that I had heard bandied about but with your weekly comments on the potential benefit to our business I felt that I had to give it a go. I would like to thank you for the patience you showed all of us on the course, making sure that we all understood before moving on to the next stage. It was great to be shown the benefits and not just to be … [Read more...]

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