How to be a good guest blogger

We are all busy so there has to be something in it for the guest blogger or what’s the point? but - Before we discuss what the guest blogger gets out of this relationship, let’s first look at what makes a good guest blogger. It's a meaningful two-way street In my opinion the good guest blogger will write between 500 and 1000 words on a subject relevant to the host website. The article will be helpful, share expert knowledge and be fun or at least easy to read. It must have meaning. The guest blogger may include external links which support the … [Read more...]

Is your web page written for multiple readers?

It’s the writers job to ensure there is something for everyone When we sweat over a piece of copy, we’d all like to think that readers will be every bit as committed to it as we are. But sadly, it ain’t so. Some might give it their full attention, others will give it a cursory glance...and it’s your job as the writer to make sure every type of reader gets what they’re looking for. Here are three ‘straw man’ readers who might happen upon your web page: Reader #1: Mrs Methodical NLP experts would call this person ‘auditory’. She wants the devil … [Read more...]

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