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My blogs are not politically motivated and I will rarely write about anything other than website design and online business development on this website.

However I noticed this visualisation created by Google and was impressed not so much by the message as by the technology and the brilliance of the visualisation of the global arms trade. You have to hand it to Google, What they do well, they do brilliantly!

Google visualisation of the Global Arms Trade

The visualisation tool I am sharing with you was created by Google’s creative lab team in association with the Igarape Institute. It took over 1 million data-points to create the visualisation with data collated on small arms imports and exports between 1992 and the present day.

Here is the link to the visualisation. Regardless of your views on arms proliferation enjoy the wonder of the technology and how it is represented on your computer browser.

Link to > A new way to visualize the global arms trade by Google.


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