Online Marketing Training

Online Marketing TrainingOnline Marketing Training for Businesses in the UK.
It used to be impossible for SME websites to rank highly on Google because the “black-hat” brigade and big-budget businesses were able to scam or buy their way to the top of search. Luckily things are different today.

Google have introduced new search algorithms which level the playing field allowing anyone with knowledge of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation to compete evenly for high ranking search positions.

Online Marketing Seminars, Workshops and Talks

When consumers search online for your products and services, will they find your website ahead of your competition? Can we help with Online Business Development Training?

With 19 year internet experience Mick Say, Founder of the Web Business Builder is the architect of a comprehensive portfolio of essential Online Business Development training courses, seminars, talks and workshops, including but not limited to:

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Awareness for Corporate and Government
  • Internet Marketing Strategy for any size of business or organisation
  • Intermediate and Advanced Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Search and Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Website SEO Copywriting Workshops
  • Blogging for better business
  • Intermediate and Advanced Social Media Management
  • Social Media Planning and Strategy
  • How to Build and Leverage Social Communities

The internet is a very busy and competitive marketing environment. Simply owning a website is not enough to attract and win new business online. When consumers search for the products and services you could provide – how will they find your website ahead of your competition? This is what we teach.

Corporate Digital Marketing Training

Organisations can commission Mick Say to carry out bespoke Internet related training tailored to their category, sector or industry. Further, Organisations can commission Mick to carry out a detailed audit of the organisational online infrastructure related to online brand management, sales and customer service.

Following the audit Mick will present a comprehensive report detailing where improvements could be made in line with how the internet has evolved and is now used by consumers. The report and presentation will also include a recommended marketing staff training plan and any web resource re-structuring needed.

Open Online Business Development Training Courses and Workshops

Keep an eye on our events calendar in the sidebar to the right for news of our future training classes and speaking engagements.

Engage Mick Say to Speak or Teach for your Group or Organisation

Chances are we are not planning any training in your area in the near future. However if you can provide the training facilities and bring a minimum of 10 delegates we will schedule training to your specification. Contact us for further information.

Website SEO Copywriting Workshops

Getting your website found online by reliant, meaningful customers and prospects is a difficult task and one which begins and ends with the copy you place on your website and blog. In order to court your ideal paying customers we have developed the Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop. Please take a moment to read through this training course details as expert website SEO copywriting will earn you higher search engine rankings.

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