Search Engine Optimisation Training

Search Engine Optimisation Training in the UKSearch > Find > Decide !
Our goal is to teach you how to optimise your website to be found during online search for those important, client winning, revenue earning keywords.

Good Search Engine Optimisation is a marriage between adequately engineered website SEO architecture and knowledge of how to research, write and optimise website content for the search engines and human searchers.
We provide SEO engineered websites and meaningful SEO training.

It’s an Amazing Concept: Search > Find > Decide

People search for stuff online and find the best Search Engine Optimised (SEO) websites and they generally decide to buy a product or service form one of those websites. The No.1 Organically ranked website on Google gets 40% of all click-throughs!

Whilst the concept is simple, Google and other search engine algorithm’s are complex. Therefore website owners, managers, developers and copywriters need to understand how the internet works, how search engines work and how to build a best practice SEO content strategy to win the front page on Google.

Search Engine Optimisation Training Formats

If you want to compete for the high-ranking positions, you’ll have to carry out detailed SEO research and then write lots of strategically optimised content and if you don’t currently have the required skills you may consider commissioning us to teach you by attending our SEO training courses.

Step-by-Step Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Video Training Course.

This Foundation SEO Video Training Course has been made to help you leverage the advanced SEO features of your new website and to learn the foundation of good SEO . Our training videos contain no jargon, no fluff, no fillers, no flannel and no bull. Just straight forward, practical training.

You will learn how to use each SEO feature in your new website.

Classroom, Workshop Search Engine Optimisation Training Courses

We provide three Search Engine Optimisation Training Course formats including:

Digital Marketing Awareness Seminar.
In this workshop we’ll teach how the Internet was born and how it has evolved since the early 1990’s.
How search engines work and how to optimise websites to leverage them.

This is the perfect one day Seminar for any person involved in website management or website procurement. Delegates will leave this workshop with a complete understating of what SEO is and how it can be applied to their online Business. Read more about the Digital Marketing Awareness Training

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop
Further to our SEO courses above, organisations or groups may also consider commissioning our Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop, designed for editors, authors, journalists, bloggers and print copywriters who need to learn about writing for the web.

Blogging for Better Website Ranking
During this course we’ll teach you everything you need to know about blogging and how to use that knowledge for building better search rankings. You’ll leave the course knowing not only how to build a high ranking website and blog, but how to structure a 1 year copywriting and content plan. Read more about Blogging for Better Website Ranking here.

Commissioned – Search Engine Optimisation Training.
This course is tailor-made for an organisation following a detailed briefing of the organisations goals.
We carry out an organisational Online Audit and research your competitors online activities and then we deliver a 1 day, or multiple days training course bespoke to the organisation. Please contact us for more information.

Website Management Services

We offer a range of Website Management Services for those clients who prefer to outsource copywiting and SEO to an agency.

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