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Social Media Training for BusinessSocial Media Training for Business in the UK
Social Media continues to grow, it’s the No.1 Activity on the web with over 2 billion active players. Consumers are engaging with brands and each other on a colossal scale and it’s our job to help you leverage this new media asset.

More than 300 executives surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit believe that an increase in engagement would translate into improvements in:
Customer Loyalty (80%), Sales Revenue (76%), Profits (75%).

The same study found that top three most important benefits of a socially engaged customer are;
More advocacy and referrals, more frequent purchases and more constructive feedback.

A Socially Engaged Customer is Worth Much More

When people feel valued, they feel like they belong. A socially engaged customer will churn less and show more interest and loyalty in the brand which leads to increased business from their extended networks.

Social Media Training for Businesses in the UK

Most organisational marketers (understandably) are not expert in digital marketing technology or strategy and therefore embark on diluted digital marketing ventures which have little impact on future revenue.

In order to leverage the Internet and social media, practitioners must first learn how the internet and search engines work. They must understand the crucial relationship between technology, content creation, content distribution and mass engagement, without which most social marketers broadcast to empty networks.

Who Should Attend the Social Media Training Course for Businesses in the UK?

organisational Teams: An intensive 3 day Social Media Training course for Businesses in the UK.
We accept commissions from UK companies or organisations to run organisational Social Media Training.

Open Training: Social Media Managers, Entrepreneurs, Website Managers, Bloggers, Copywriters.

What will you learn on the Social Media for Business Course

Unfortunately Social Media Marketing cannot be learned in a single day. “Social Media Foundation” teaches how the internet, search engines and social media work. This is crucial basic knowledge without which your marketers will waste 60% of your working time. (Please follow and read the above links).

Thanks Mick! Can I say a huge thank you for three thoroughly enjoyable & informative days! I know that the training has been very well received by all who attended.

I think you exceeded our expectations with your knowledge and enthusiasm, and I am keen to develop a ‘Digital Marketing Team’ to take to take our newly acquired Social Media skills forward locally and nationally.

Rebecca Hampson DipCAM (MComms)
Media and Marketing Manager
Road Safety Support

Social Media Training for Businesses in the UK – Course Fees and Dates

Commissioned Organisational training prices to be agreed and paid for in advance of training.

Open Course delegate fees: £750.00 + VAT. Three days non-residential training. Teas and coffee will be provided but lunch is not included in the price.

Next Course Date and Location: > Sign-up to our Newsletter to be informed in advance of new dates

What will Delegates Need to Bring to the Social Media Training?

  1. A sense of humor. We take your business seriously but learning should be fun.
  2. No Need to bring a notebook, we will provide you with a course work-book.
  3. Wireless enabled laptops are essential, iPads and tablets will not suffice.

Digital Marketing Awareness Seminar
Although not essential it would be beneficial for Social Media Managers to attend the Digital Marketing Awareness Seminar prior to attending the Social Media for Business Training.

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