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Website SEO CopywritingAdvanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop
The SEO copywriters goal is to author content designed to create the desire for the website visitor to buy, or take considered, deliberate, affirmative action.

Search > Find > Decide… Whilst the copywriter is writing the words which will inform and sell, they equally have to consider how that copy will be found during online search. This above anything else is the SEO Copywriters skill, engineering meaningful, search enabled copy for people and spiders.

The Website SEO Copywriting Workshop is a technical workshop, not a creative writing course.
The Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop teaches Inbound Marketing theory which involves writing copy to get a website found during online search.

Inbound Marketing – SEO Copywriting Workshop

Inbound Marketing involves writing copy which ultimately helps a website be found during online search, the words we author and the and the SEO knowledge we apply to our copy and meta will earn the attention of the search engines and draw customers to the copywriters client websites.

The Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop teaches these essential skills:

Essential SEO Foundation
* How the Internet Works
* How Search Engines Work
* What the SE Spider Does
* What the Spider Needs to See
* SEO Planning
* Free SEO Research Tools
* Paid SEO Research Tools
* SEO Competitor Analysis
* SEO Keyword Research
SEO Copywriting Essential Knowledge
* SEO Meta-Data Masterclass
* SEO Meta-Titles
* SEO Meta Descriptions
* How to optimise Images
* text link etiquate and science
* SEO Copywriting essentials
* SEO Copywriting method
* How to Structure a web Page
* How to prepare html ready copy

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop Fees

Delivered by Mick Say in a fun and informative manner the Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop will teach the copywriter how to optimse copy for the web. They will leave the course with the full skill-set needed to provide professional SEO copywriting services to paying clients.

£250.00 + VAT per delegate

Who Should attend the Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Workshop

This workshop is designed for traditional print copywriters who would like to add website copywriting to their portfolio of services. However the workshop will be an invaluable learning experience for any person with website copywriting duties.

What will Delegates Need to Bring on the Advanced SEO Copywriting Workshop
  1. A sense of humor. We take your business seriously but learning should be fun.
  2. No Need to bring a notebook, we will provide you with a course work-book.
  3. Wireless enabled laptops are recommended, but are optional and not essential.
Blogging for Business Workshop

If your a blogger or provide blogging services to clients you may also consider looking at our Blogging for Better Business Workshop. This workshop will build on the skills and enhance the offering a professional copywriter has to offer clients.

Or if you are a website owner then, you’ll learn the full skill-set needed to accelerate your website to better Search Engine Rankings.

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