How to be a good guest blogger

Image depicting a guest bloggers reputationWe are all busy so there has to be something in it for the guest blogger or what’s the point? but – Before we discuss what the guest blogger gets out of this relationship, let’s first look at what makes a good guest blogger.

It’s a meaningful two-way street
In my opinion the good guest blogger will write between 500 and 1000 words on a subject relevant to the host website. The article will be helpful, share expert knowledge and be fun or at least easy to read. It must have meaning.

The guest blogger may include external links which support the article and will add instructions for “nofollow” to these links because we don’t want to pass too much PageRank from the host website unless it is strategically necessary and has the host website owners consent.

If the blogger writes frequently on the host website, the blogger will link sensibly to relevant pages of his or her own website, providing of course that they are relevant to the story. Once the blogger has linked once via previous articles to each relevant page, then the blogger will “nofollow” all links from the article.

The good guest blogger will never place paid links in any article on host websites.

The good guest blogger will hopefully understand SEO and will write search engine friendly copy being careful not to “stuff” too many keywords into the article. The blogger will also place carefully selected heading tags between the paragraphs making it easy for readers to scan read.

Also, the blogger will supply (legal) supporting images which will enhance the aesthetics of the post.

What the guest blogger gets in return

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what the guest-blogger gets in return for his/her or time and effort:

  • Helps build the bloggers authority, trust, respect
  • Helps build the bloggers social capital as the post/s are shared
  • Helps build social presence and awareness
  • Passing of link-juice to the bloggers website

The passing of PageRank form the host website to the guest bloggers website is extremely high value to the guest blogger. But once the guest blogger has few good outbound links the benefit diminishes so good (clever) guest bloggers will write a lot of guest posts on multiple host websites rather than lots of posts and individual websites.

Guest Bloggers Bio and Authorship

It’s also essential for the guest blogger to have a short 250 character bio on the host website so that “authorship” is registered and carried through search as in the example image below.

Authorship and Organic Ranking

We would love to hear hear your ideas as to what makes a good guest blogger or how to be a good guest blogger in the comments below.


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  1. Hi, thanks for the reasonable article – helps bloggers, too!
    If you find the time, could you explain this sentence to me? Me English is not perfect (yet) and I did not get the meaning of it:

    Once the blogger has linked once via previous articles to each relevant page, then the blogger will “nofollow” all links from the article.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Katja

      Please watch out for my next post which will explain this in detail. Thank you for reading my post and asking a very relevant question.