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Very Interesting Statistics from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills make it an interesting time for Small Business Website Design Companies and all virtual service providers.

The number of small businesses, in particular sole traders are up significantly demonstrating that the economy is having an impact on employment patterns which benefit small business service providers like the Web Business Builder.

Official Stats demonstrate the number of private sector businesses in the UK grew to 4.8 million at the start of 2012. This is an increase on the previous year which showed there were 4.5 million business in the UK.

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Small Business Website Design Companies

With a new wave of Micro and Small businesses powering the UK economy the virtual service provision industry is set to capitalise on new business opportunities as these new small business owners begin to grow their businesses and need virtual support.

As a Website Design Company supporting the small business sector we expect to win new business from this round of growth in around two years time.

Our customer cycle tends to be made up of small businesses whom have purchased infective websites early in their development and have then come to realise that if they want to compete online, then they have to procure professional tools that actually work to deliver business.

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  1. Hi Mick,
    Interesting statistics, I’m curious now about where I could find similar information about Australian businesses. I’ve seen some statistics, but they tend to be about ABN (Australian business number) holders, which includes sub-contractors, not solely business owners,