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Image depicing a Website Buying GuideWhatever business you’re in, no matter how small the niche, you’ll have a lot of competition and to this end, particularly in the online world you need to be one step ahead of, and one micron smarter than your competitors if you are to beat them in the search engine return pages.

Increasing numbers of buyers research people, products and services online before making their purchasing decisions, this is particularly true in the B2B services sector. Hopefully this website buying guide will help you to decide how to select your website vendor.

The objective of this post is: “website buyers beware” all that glistens is not gold.

Website Discoverability Before Visitor Conversion

Before we can convert a website visitor into a paying client we first need to get them onto our websites and this is increasingly difficult as more and more websites are added to the web.

The key to achieving dominance in the Search Engine Returns Pages (SERPS) is to understand how search engines work and then use that knowledge to develop website architecture which is “in-tune” with the search engine algorithms.

The most progressive of all search engines is Google and to really understand how to use best practice techniques to design and develop a website to be found the developer needs to have studied and understand how search engine algorithms work.

Our research begins by studying search engine algorithm invention patent applications. This is deep and heavy reading which borders on mind-numbing but it gives us a real insight into how search engine algorithms work and this puts us in a very strong position when designing and building websites designed to be found during online search.

What is the objective of this post?

We are always very grateful when a new client comes on board, but unfortunately most of our website clients come to us following an extended period of time operating a website which they initially purchased from a third party but the website wins very little organic visitor traffic.

When we investigate why this might be the answer/s is/are generally one or an assortment of the following :

  1. They made a Do It Yourself website
  2. They purchased the website form the cheapest bidding vendor
  3. They purchased the website from a vendor with no SEO/Development knowledge
  4. They bought a “turn-key” website
  5. They are using a free website/blog
  6. They have had no SEO and or web copywriting training
  7. The website looks good, but lacks algorithm compliant architecture
  8. The website content is aged, stale and not refreshable

The objective of this post is to say “website buyers beware” all that glistens is not gold. Meaning that many website design companies make websites which may look good, but they make websites with weak architecture which is why they can make them so cheaply.

If these clients came to us in the first instance they would have initially paid more money to obtain their new website but they would have saved a small fortune in the two or three years of wasted time and investment in their initial website. Not to mention the unknown volume and value of lost business and damaged reputation. What did John Ruskin say?

There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.
John Ruskin

So the objective of this post is to hopefully be read by people who are currently seeking to procure a new website in the hope that they will consider their options and invest just a little more money in getting the job done right first time.

How to select a website designer?

Question your potential website vendors about website discovery and algorithmic architecture, you’ll get a feel for their experience in the answer they give, which will give you confidence to move on (or not). Also ask them for the contact details of existing clients and contact them for a third party reference.

A new website is a big investment, so you need to choose your vendor wisely.
We invite you to read “What’s in it for you” here on our “UK Website Design Company” page and then read further from the links at the bottom of that page. You’ll learn all you need to know about us by reading these pages, but you could always contact us to arrange an informal discussion. We prefer an open, personal relationship with our clients.


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