Is your Website Designed for Search and Confirmation?

Website Design, Usability and SearchWebsite Design, Usability and Search
Sometimes people get so excited about website design and how they will be perceived by website visitors that they forget the purpose of their website and who their website is for.

Also, when non-experts attempt to build their own websites they start from a position of little or no website design, usability or search knowledge and they make and compound costly mistakes from the start.

Website Design, Usability and Search

Whilst your website has to look good and represent your business with passion and pride, it first has to cater for the needs of the people who searched for something on Google and landed on your website.

Website Home Page Design

More often than not people will arrive on your website via your home page. There must be no confused messages here. Your home page has to indicate what your business is in a momentary glance.

You’ll achieve this with a mix of images and well placed text. Your business brand and name should be represented by your logo and strap-line in the header and the purpose of the website identified in the main feature area just below the navigation.

There’s no need to get arty or complicated here; if fact if you do, you’ll degrade your message and impact.
Have a look at our home page. With very little text it simply states we are a website design company.

Internal Pages and Blog Posts

The searchers who land on your web pages want to find what they searched for fast and identify that they’ve landed in a place congruent with their search. This is achieved by a thoughtful mix of images, text and paragraph headings. Similar to this page.

Four Simple Website Design Tips
1. Your home page delivers a clear message
2. Use congruent images to support text
3. Keep all pages simple, uniform & clean
4. Use descriptive titles and paragraph headings
Search, Find, Decide!
People don’t care too much for fancy websites they just want to find the information, product or service they seek and they’ll make fast decisions based upon what they see when they land on your site.

Simple changes to your website page and post layout could substantially improve your conversions rate.

However, my advice is simple. If you are not trained in Website Design then focus on what you do best and let the Web Business Builder design your website for you, with you, for the benefit of your prospects.

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Mick Say is an Online Business Development Consultant. Mick's goal is to help UK businesses to develop meaningful online marketing strategies via the development websites and digital marketing resources engineered to inform and sell.


  1. Frank Woodman Jr says:

    All your points are well taken and you see the problem everywhere on the web. Most sites and blogs are so over done with popups, ads, signup forms, etc that people are really overwhelmed and turned off. And we see this even on big sites ran by people who should know better. But one widget, popup, and gimmick at a time that slick looking website has basically became unusable. So it’s nice to see someone call this to peoples attention.

    • Hi Frank – I hope you are well.

      From my own experience – when I want to research or buy something online, I simply want to Search, Find and Decide! – I don’t want to be held up by non essential pop-ups, I don’t want to sign up for their time consuming free e-book – I simply want to make a quick decision and move on. This is what I base my SEO and Website Design on.

      Thank you very much for your comment and have a great weekend – Mick