Bespoke Website Design

Bespoke Website Design Company in the UKOur Bespoke Website Design begins with a blank-sheet. The look, feel and functionality is tailor-made to the clients exacting specification with our input and guidance. We only undertake Bespoke Website Design projects following a face-to-face new website consultation with the client.

Whilst there are many Bespoke Website Design Companies in the UK, very few pay as much attention to detail or apply as much internet marketing knowledge and experience as the Web Business Builder team.

Bespoke Website Design Team

The Web Business Builder team are all UK born and educated developers, designers, copy writers and social media managers. We don’t outsource our work to “off-shore” agencies. We take full responsibility for our work and our clients are encouraged to visit our office and engage with our experts. Meet the team.

Bespoke Website Design Process

Bespoke Website Design - Wire FrameDuring our initial meeting we’ll discuss your project in detail so that we can gain an understanding of your business and your strategic goals. Then together, we will determine your website functions and features before progressing to visual design.

Whilst working on your Bespoke Website Design we’ll mock-up a “wire frame” sketch which helps us to determine what features go where and what the website might look like in your minds eye.

Finally we write a scope of works and agree what needs to be done. Once we’ve agreed on the scope of works we can agree a price for the project and agree payment terms. The consultation and wire frame are essential first steps in the production of a Bespoke Website.

The Graphic Design Phase

Once the scope of works has been agreed; strategic requirements, features and functions will have been decided so we can begin the graphic design phase using the pre-agreed wire-frame sketch.

The designer will take the brief and wire frame and make a 1st draft graphic design for approval and or revisions. Together we will tweak the design until you are happy and can sign off the design.

The Development and Launch Phases

Following graphic design sign-off, we create your Bespoke Website Design on a development server hidden away from the public and the search engines. We refine the Bespoke Website Design until you are happy with the design and functions and can sign off the working development website.

Following development sign-off we populate your bespoke website with content supplied by you, (unless copywriting is part of out contract) and when you are finally happy and can sign the development phase off we are ready to move the website to the live server and celebrate the launch in style.

Bespoke Website Design Payment Schedule

There are five payment phases:

  1. Advance payment for the Bespoke Website consultative Meeting. £450.00 +VAT
    (Following consultation. Agree Bespoke Website Design Cost and Scope of Works)
  2. Project engagement fee = 25% of the total project cost
  3. Upon graphic design sign-off, 25% of the total project cost
  4. Upon Development site Sign-Off 25% of the total project cost
  5. Following copy population and readiness for launch final 25% payment due

All phase payments are non-refundable. The initial consultation fee does not form part of the project cost. Please contact Us if you would like to learn more.

Become the Key Person or Business of Influence in Your Industry, Category or Niche.
Our Bespoke Graphically Designed Websites are formed to position you and your business as the Key Person or Business of Influence in your industry, category or Niche. Bespoke Website Design alone will not achieve this because it’s the SEO optimised content in the website which will get your website found during online search. Read more about what it takes to become and Online Key Person of Influence.

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