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Content Management SystemsDon’t waste money paying a webmaster. Do It Your self !!
During a recent training course, a delegate informed me that their web developer invoiced them £170.00 for editing 3 words of poor grammar on one of their web pages! Although this is an extreme example it is not uncommon.

Modern content management systems allow the website owner or manager easy access to the content on their website. Logging into your dashboard and editing 3 words is about 60 seconds work!

Easy to Use Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our Ready-to-go Websites are delivered complete with a State-of-the-Art Content Management System (CMS). If you can type and are reasonably competent on a computer, then you’ll feel right at home managing your own content on a website purchased from the Web Business Builder.

Everything we do, and build into our clients websites is engineered for their productivity and achievement of their online goals. And that includes not having to pay us every-time they need to add new content or edit some text or insert an image.

Content Management Training

OK, so you don’t know, what you don’t know. And you don’t currently know how to use your new Content Management System. Fear-not because We make this real easy by providing 15 easy to follow, professionally produced Content Management Training Videos which you can view and learn from, right inside your website dashboard. Zero jargon or technical babble included!

Initial Website Content Population

    As part of our service to you, and to speed up delivery of your new website we offer to populate your new website with the following website page and navigation structure:

  • Home Page
  • About us Page
  • A page of your choosing 1
  • A page of your choosing 2
  • A page of your choosing 3
  • Blog Archive page
  • 1 x Blog post inserted
  • Contact Us Page
  • Navigation set up for you
  • Your Initial Copy will be Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

You provide us with the initial content for your web pages and blog and then following launch of your new website, you will be ready to add new content in your own time.

Essential Website Owner Content Management Dashboard

Things happen quickly these days, therefore you need to be in a position where you and your team can respond at anytime to edit content or information on your website, add new pages or blog posts or correct that typo you just noticed. You’ll never be at the mercy of a website designer again for simple edits and new addition of new content.

You can log-in to your website CMS dashboard from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

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