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Website HostingNot all Website Hosting Packages are Equal
The majority of websites, many millions, are hosted on shared servers.
This means that your website more than likely shares a server and IP address with several, possibly hundreds of other websites. If one website get’s black listed then by association of the shared IP address, – so does yours!

Like all web-hosts our standard hosting packages are on shared servers with a shared IP, but we control which websites share our server so you’re safe.

You can choose to purchase a more advanced, web hosting plan with a dedicated, unique IP address and several different combinations of hosting features, but of course this adds to the cost of your project. We prefer to make our clients aware of this before a project commences. Most providers don’t mention this.

Website Hosting Charges

Our web hosting packages start at £90.00 +VAT per year for our basic web hosting plan, up to £7,508.00
+ VAT per year for Advanced Dedicated Servers. Most clients start with the basic plan and upgrade only when they need to, therefore saving money from the start. You upgrade when you reach your web space and bandwidth limits as detailed below. With Web Business Builder you always know where you are.
Website Hosting Fees

Important Web Hosting Information

We keep our website hosting prices low by offering staged website hosting packages which means that you can start on the basic plan for as little cost as possible and then when you reach your disc space and or bandwidth limit you simply upgrade to the next plan.

Disc Space > A server is similar to the hard drive on your computer, it has a limited amount of storage space and when it is full you have to delete files or upgrade your computer. The web server is the same, if you up-load and display lots of space hungry videos and other media you’ll run out of storage space and need to upgrade.

Band Width > Think of band width like a telephone call, the more you use your telephone, the bigger your phone bill is. When your website gets popular and more people visit it, eventually your bandwidth usage will need to be increased, and you will need to upgrade. Upgrading does not cost a lot of money, and it’s a sure-fire way of knowing you are reaching a wider audience.

The majority of our client websites, some of which you can see in our client showcase are on our standard web hosting plans. As a rule of thumb, by year 2 a new website with say 30 pages, will need to upgrade from the basic plan to the premium plan because their website (disc space) is filling up with content and is getting more traffic (band-width). 90% of our clients never need to go above the Supreme package at £190.00 per year because 50GB of bandwidth is good for around 100,000 page views per month.

Dedicated Servers and Unique IP Addresses

If you think you need a dedicated server, unique IP address or more than 100GB of bandwidth then we will need to consult with you in order to provide the best solution. Contact us if you have any questions.

Ready Made Website Designs

We include special software in our client Ready Made Website Designs which speeds up page loading and reduces bandwidth usage, we apply this and other technologies as standard.

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