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List Building and CRM ServicesList Building and Customer Relationship Management
List building and email marketing still have their place but they are now prehistoric marketing strategies. Consumers no-longer trust the free white paper or e-book and they want companies to stop interrupting what they are doing and become what they are interested in.

This can only be achieved with integrity based inbound marketing and advocacy strategies. Use your list with integrity, as a real CRM tool.

The internet, has evolved and so must our marketing techniques.

Search > Find > Decide. Marketing Strategy

In the bad old days of the internet, marketers would lure consumers into their email lists and market to them. Today consumers simply don’t like it and increasingly don’t want to receive marketing emails.

Consumers want to search for goods and services and make purchasing decisions based on what they find online. When a willing buyer searches and lands on your page and providing that they like what they see then they are likely to buy from you and happily give you their details for future follow up marketing.

Websites Engineered to be Found

You’ve experienced it yourself many times, the phone rings and it’s that annoying unsolicited Payment Protection sales person butting-in on your day, trashing your concentration and invading your privacy.

You open that personalised letter, only to find that it’s more scammy junk-mail offering to make you rich by next Tuesday tea-time. Now your wound up gain, and to top it off you get more junk email than useful and welcomed business correspondence from clients and suppliers. Argghh where will it all end!

Non-Invasive, Inbound Marketing Strategy

Consider the opposite to the above. You need some information and you search for it online. You find the perfect website, it offers precisely the information wanted to find and they did not even ask you for your email address or telephone number. Ah bliss, perfection… Next time you need info, you know where to go..

If you own and operate an Intelligently Developed Website and if you develop an inbound marketing strategy you will close more deals or product sales and your customers will become loyal advocates.

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

There are thousands of CRM Systems ranging from cheap to very expensive indeed. So you may need a little guidance on which is best for you. We can advise on this and also integrate your chosen CRM into your website. Simply drop us a line and we’ll be there to help and advise.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – In eCommerce

Use of effective Customer Relationship Management software is essential for communicating with customers whom have purchased goods and services form you via an online shop. Our eCommerce software and systems include CRM software for communicating invoices, receipts and credit notes.

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