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Website Search Engine OptimisationNumber 1 Organically ranked website on Google
That’s where we plan to take your website and your message. We want your business to win the rewards which accompany the #No.1 Ranked website on Google for your selected search phrase/s.

The Number 1 Organically Ranked website on Google gets around 40% of all click-through traffic for a given search term. You can imagine what that would mean for your business in terms of new clients and profitable revenue.

Application of SEO Knowledge and Experience

The practical application of Search Engine Optimisation knowledge is essential if a website is to perform in a competitive category. Whilst we engineer State-of-the-Art SEO websites, once we hand them over to you, it’s your responsibility to optimise future content to continue the work we started on your behalf.

Whilst we provide SEO services it is far more cost effective if you manage your own content including SEO research and application.

Most website development companies do NOT SEO engineer their client websites and most website buyers know nothing about SEO, so they don’t know what they are buying, and don’t realise that a NON SEO’d website puts them at a disadvantage. So with this in mind:

  • We engineer our SEO knowledge into the architecture of your website so a lot of SEO is automated.
  • We give you FREE basic SEO and content management training delivered via Step-by-Step video.
  • We also offer fairly priced advanced SEO video training course.
  • We offer competitive instructor led Search Engine Optimisation training and mentoring.
  • We offer a range of SEO management services.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services Include

Our SEO services are performed by our own experienced SEO practitioners and copywriters, we do not outsource our Search Engine Optimisation Services to offshore agencies.

SEO Copy Editing and Placement
You send us your copy and we will SEO edit it and any accompanied images or media and place it on the website with all SEO boxes ticked.

SEO Copywriting and Placement
You give us a brief and we will write your website page and post content for you. We will SEO optimise that content and place it on the website.

SEO Research, Copywriting and Placement
You give is a brief and will carry out detailed SEO research before writing your website page and post content and placing it on the website.

SEO Competitor Research and Reporting
Using our SEO Knowledge in conjunction with sophisticated and powerful software we will research why your top online competitors occupy the first page of Google for key search phrases. We will provide you with a report and personal mentoring which will allow you, with our guidance to create a content creation and Search Engine Marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimisation Training

Whilst it makes perfect sense to commission us to SEO Research and write all of your initial website content and media, it is advisable that you avail yourself or your website administrators with SEO knowledge. Firstly via our FREE basic SEO training videos and then with our client discounted advanced step-by-step SEO video training course, or you may elect to commission us to give your team formal SEO training in the classroom. You can read more about our Search Engine Optimisation Training here.

The #No.1 Organically Ranked Website on a Google

We’d be lying if we said it was easy to be the #No.1 Organically ranked website on a Google but it is possible and the only way you can find out what you need to do to get to number one on Google is to carry out extensive SEO research on those competitor websites which currently occupy those positions.

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