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Eric Qualman said: “we don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is, How well we do it” < That’s the evolution of the web for you!

Social Media is an important and rapidly growing internet-based marketing and advocacy environment which is leveraged for business benefit upon continued engagement with a strategically developed community. Social Media also provides an important Search Engine Marketing (SEM) architecture.

Social Media Service Providers in the UK

A complete list of our social media services can be found in our Shop Social Media Services Category. Our Social Media Services encompass everything from setting up a Twitter account, to providing a Digital Marketing Strategy and Architecture including the 100 most productive social media platforms.

B2B Social Media Services
If you are a small or medium sized business owner or manager you possibly don’t have much time for, or experience with social media. So outsourcing day-to-day social media activities to an agency such as ours makes perfect sense. See our services in our shop or contact us for more info.
Corporate Social Media Awareness
If you are the CEO or Marketing Director of a large business, NGO or Government department you know that you should be leveraging social media but don’t know how. Ask us to deliver our Digital Marketing awareness presentation to your board and then you can make informed decisions.

Find out if your Social Media Marketing team have been formally trained in “Inbound Marketing” techniques. If not, then it’s quite likely that most of the time they spend on Social Media is unproductive.

We provide on-site and classroom Social Media Training and workshops to companies and organisations and we can also provide bespoke social media training tailored to your industry or category.

Building a Meaningful Community via Social Media

Individuals and organisations have the opportunity to build large meaningful networks of people. Be they customers, prospects or brand advocates they are difficult to find and connect without knowledge of the platforms and tools to use and how social engagement works.

Web Business Builder can provide social community building services in which we build meaningful networks for your team to engage with. And we can also provide the engagement services if you don’t have the time or the staff trained in social media.

If you are forever chasing business, it could be because your network is not big enough!

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