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How to Write for WebsitesHow to Write Copy for Websites
When writing copy for websites put the consumer first and think what they might type into Google when they are searching for the product or service which you want to provide. Then, you need to think about the search engines and the type of content (meta-data) they’ll want to see.

Then you can write copy that keeps searchbots and web visitors happy – compelling search engines to list your page while spurring visistors into action.

Writing Search-Enabled Copy to Inform and Sell

Every web visitor is searching for something specific – and they’ll leave your website in seconds if they don’t find it immediately. So Job No.1 is to make sure the page identifies itself, through a strong combination of text and images:

  1. A keyword-rich page title that confirms the subject matter
  2. A powerful, relevant image that suggests the page’s focus at a glance
  3. Persuasive text, with keywords used in bold, bullets and sub-headings
  4. A striking paragraph heading below the feature image

Finally, the first 20% of your content should offer enough information to answer the web-search query – telling the visitor at a glance that they’ve landed in the right place.

How to lay out website copy

This web page is a perfect example. Start with a headline and attention-grabbing info (as above), then write more detailed copy broken into half a dozen sections.

The ideal website page will contain around 600 words. A shorter page will have little authority in the eyes of readers and search engines, so it’s important to strive for a reasonable wordcount.

As with this page, the easiest option is to write 2 or 3 paragraphs of about 50 words each, placed inbetween sub-headings. Each sub-heading acts as an introduction to the content below, and it’s important to make sure that paragraphs flow from one to another.

Sub-headings and text should also contain carefully crafted and well-placed keywords. But don’t overdo keyword placement – you don’t want to bombard readers with the same phrase time and again, and contrary to myth, a high ‘keyword density’ is not the way to grab the attention of search engines.

In a nutshell, that’s how to write website copy that works for both people and search engines.
We can’t stress enough the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), if you don’t want to do your own SEO please consider using our Search Engine Optimisation Services.

Website Copywriting Services

As part of your new website from the Web Business Builder, we can write and optimise your first phase of content, (as explained in your new website features). Then after launch, you can either update your own content using your content management system or carry on working with our team of copywriters. Just ask us – we’ll be happy to update content and write new pages or blog posts when needed.

There are three strands to our website copy writing services:

1 – SEO Copy Editing and Placement
You send us your copy and we will edit it for SEO purposes. We’ll also tag accompanying images or media, to tick all the SEO boxes.

2 – SEO Copywriting and Placement
You give us a brief and we’ll write every page of your website, then post the content for you, fully SEO ready.

3 – SEO Research, Copywriting and Placement
You give us a brief and we’ll carry out detailed SEO research to choose the best target keywords. Then we’ll write your whole website and post the content. The complete SEO copy package.

Whatever kind of help you need, it starts with a quick conversation
So call us or drop us a line and we’ll share a few ideas

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