UK entrepreneur thinking about working from home?

Working from HomeWill UK Home Workers boost the UK economy
The UK and global economy is forcing change in the way we work. There is a groundswell of new small businesses and the UK government has openly stated that they are relying on new small business and entrepreneurs to boost the British economy in the difficult years ahead.

Are you a UK entrepreneur thinking working from home or renting an office? Thin carefully before renting office space.

Working from Home by Choice or Necessity?

There are many reasons why we choose to work from home ranging from, we can’t find a job so we have no choice to – I’m sick of the greasy pole so, I’m going into business on my own. Of course there are many other reasons why people choose to work from home in-between those lines – but there are always two common denominators that apply to new home-workers.

1. Budget: Renting Office Space or Working from Home?

Renting office space and the associated cost of telephones, broadband and services is a huge expense and one which few new businesses should invest in without first having a stable income from their new business, unless they have substantial investment and a rock-solid business plan.

Signing a contract for the above should not be done unless the entrepreneur can afford to subsidise the cost for duration of the contract without any income to pay for it. That may seem a bit extreme – but it is the measure I would use if I were starting from scratch again today.

2. Business Architecture: Website, Blog & eCommerce

Today the Small Business Website is more than an extension of the business card, it is the hub for marketing the business and it is the 24/7 constant sales person serving your expectant new customers.

With this in mind, website design and functionality has to represent you with pride and accuracy right from the start. You do not get a second chance when people search for your products and services. You’ll need to consider these 5 points > > >
1. Website design
2. Blog to build authority & trust
3. Shopping cart to sell your services
4. Website architecture & content management
5. Search Engine Optimisation to get you found

If your new or existing business provides non-labour intensive services then Working from home could be the answer to your budget prayers, it’s very low cost and will save many thousands of pounds which can be invested in marketing your business, hopefully starting with Intelligent Website Development.


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